Week 1 (6/1~6/5)  Games

This week, we are going to have a lot of fun with many games. Since this is the first week of VMA summer camp, these games would make us to get closer. We will also have water play day every week to cool off the hot summer!

Week 2 (6/8~6/12)  All About Summer

What things come into your mind when you think of summer? Ice cream, sand, sea, lemonade? Yes, this week, we will have activities related to these summer themes!

Week 3 (6/15~6/19)  Healthy Habits

We know how important it is to be healthy and keep our hygiene for myself and others. This week, we ae going to learn about healthy habits and the importance of hand washing with fun games. Exercise also helps us to stay healthy. We will learn Yoga and Taekwondo!

Week 4 (6/22~6/26)  Art & Artists

This week, we will all be artists! We will learn about impressionism, cubism and Artist Jackson Pollock. Then we will create art works like those of Monet, Picasso and Jackson Pollock.

Week 5 (6/29~7/3)  We Love America

This is the 4th of July week. We are going to learn about America and the history of 4th of July. We will do art, science activities and games related to 4th of July. It will be fun like fireworks!

Week 6 (7/6~7/10)  Little Chefs

Food is one of the most interesting subjects to children. All our children will be little chefs and make tasty foods. We are also going to learn how we taste (tastes buds) and explore different kinds of tastes!

Week 7 (7/13~17)  Science

This week we are going to do many science experiments. Volcanic eruption, magnetic slime, rocket launch and so on! We will create unforgettable memories!

Week 8 (7/20~7/24)  Oceans

Our children will explore oceans and ocean animals this week. We will learn about them and catch various kinds of ocean creatures from the ocean sensory bins as well as shark number games and fishing!

Week 9 (7/27~31)  Sound & Music

This week, we will listen to beautiful music and explore many different instruments. We will hear sounds of different instruments and will play them. We will learn about some famous musicians and will hear their music while we dance. We will make musical instruments of our own and will compose our own music by playing piano.

Week 10 (8/3~8/7)  Magic & Science

The theme of this week is Magic. We will have magical science activities and watch a magical movie ‘Frozen’ on PJ and Movie day! And our teachers will become magicians and will perform magic show! We will also learn magic tricks to show our parents!

Week 11 (8/10~8/14)  Geography & Culture

Geography and culture are some of the most important categories of Montessori curriculum. Through these, we can understand where we live, our neighboring countries and their culture. This week, we will learn about continents and the animals live there. We will also learn other countries and the culture. We will learn more about Mexico and China and will have art and craft activities. 

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